The College at Saint Constantine is affordable, classical education.


Students are part of a close community of learners because we are committed to keeping our student body small.


Oxford-style tutorials are the cornerstone of the College program, linking the modern student with time-honored methods of education.


Affordable innovation...

The College at The Saint Constantine School offers undergraduate university credits that enable students to complete their general humanities requirements prior to transferring to a four-year institution. Students of the college program will participate in the traditional Oxford-style tutorial model, the goal of which is the intellectual, spiritual, and physical flourishing of the individual student under the mentorship of excellent faculty.

... strength in tradition.

Through taking tutorials in the Great Texts, Mathematics, Science, Economics, and Writing, the student who participates in an education at the College will be uniquely equipped to meet the present challenges and opportunities of modern culture through their broad understanding of the ideas, forces, and faith that shaped the history of the world and the Church. We expect our students to go on to be Christ-like examples of virtue, humility, understanding, and love in their families, communities, and careers.

Dr Reynolds giving a lecture

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