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The College at Saint Constantine

The College at Saint Constantine is a small, affordable, accredited, highly individualized undergraduate college program that takes the Great Texts as its core curriculum. In all we do, we seek the intellectual, spiritual, and social flourishing of each student under the personalized mentorship of excellent faculty.

Through individualized tutorials and Socratic discussions, the Constantine student is uniquely equipped to meet challenges and opportunities of contemporary culture, having gained a broad and deep understanding of the ideas, forces, and faith that shaped the history of the Church and the world.

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Faculty and Staff

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Tuition and Fees

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Small School, Big City

Students are part of a close community of learners because we are committed to keeping our student body small. At the same time, our central location in Houston means our students experience all the excitement of living in one of the world's most vibrant cities, with world-class arts, sports, museums, and food around every corner.

Classical Curriculum

The College focuses on what truly matters: forming virtuous souls and rigorous minds. That means our curriculum follows the classical model, with an emphasis on reading widely from both the western and eastern traditions, writing cogently and persuasively , and participating eloquently and charitably in discussions.

Personalized Instruction

It's what John Milton, C. S. Lewis, and Dorothy Sayers received: one-on-one tutorials with expert faculty. Our students work closely with professors to develop personalized academic projects across their coursework, which is supplemented by rigorous small group discussions with a consistent cohort of students. No overstuffed lecture halls here.

Affordable & Accredited

With tuition of only $9,000 per year, every dollar we charge goes to paying quality instructors who in turn invest in our students. And through our university partner school, every course we offer is accredited nationally so that the degree you receive is recognized by the highest granting institutions.