Letter from the President

Education should help you fulfill God’s call in your life. Part of that call is flourishing as a human: using your head, heart, and hands in harmony. Centuries of Christian wisdom have collected around teaching those skills in college. The College at The Saint Constantine School is a community that is seeking that wisdom and invites students to join us. At the College you will earn a fully accredited degree, but more importantly you will seek wisdom with us, a wisdom that begins in the fear of the Lord and ends in a deeper relationship with your neighbor and with God.

Because you will need a job, The College strips out the busy work to get you ready for real work. Here you will never take a multiple-choice test, sit in a giant overcrowded classroom, mortgage your future with debt, or compromise on quality with cut-rate online “college.” Instead, you can make history by joining a program that drew national interest the moment the College was announced. Sadly, most schools are stuck with an institutional model built in the 1940s that does not fit either the timeless truths of the past or the technology of the present.

People matter here. Every faculty and staff member at The College is an experienced teacher who will learn with you. The College doesn’t have full-time administrators, a giant campus, or semi-pro sports—these would force you to pay for things you do not need. As a result, classes are smaller than fifteen and always will be. The professors are here to teach you and they are the ones who, under our outstanding Board, control the school. The money saved eschewing unnecessary elements is given to you so you can afford the best education. Because of this, you won’t need to borrow money for undergraduate education! Instead of paying off educational loans thirty years from now, you will have the freedom to do what God calls you to do.

The College is not just in Houston, but part of Houston. We aren’t building a bubble that keeps us away from our neighbors; instead we educate for real life in the middle of the most dynamic, diverse American city in the twenty-first century. Houston is medicine, energy, arts, and culture, and the College is part of Houston.

Imagine a community that is not cut off from children, parents, or older adults. Instead of leaving family behind you, The College pursues life in a real community. You will be on a campus where five year olds learn to read and older adults mentor junior high kids. The College will treat you like an adult by putting you in the real world. For you cannot live an authentic life when education cuts you off from real diversity: people with babies, older folks getting ready for retirement, business people pitching a new idea.

What about education? We read real books, not textbooks. We ask questions, we don’t look for easy answers. Our community knows that being right is not enough if we are not good people; thus, character counts. This is college the way it once was, conducted in a city that is the way the rest of the world will be.

In short, we are classical, accredited Christian education for the twenty-first century and we are looking for people who want to join our community.

Dr. John Mark Reynolds

President, The College at Saint Constantine