Student Life


The College at Saint Constantine provides a residential housing option for interested students in a gated community adjacent to the campus. Students who wish to apply for housing should express interest during their admissions process to ensure availability.

Double occupancy rooms are $5000 per year.
Single occupancy rooms are $6500 per year and subject to availability.

Students are responsible for providing their own meals and food. The College House Resident Directors provide one community meal per week for all residents.

"The beginning of my Saint Constantine College education started off with a kind of baptism by fire. Our first assignment was to read the entire Iliad before class. Despite having given myself what I thought was a good head start, I spent a solid week before the first class doing nothing but consuming Homer’s epic poetry. I am a meticulous reader by nature, and was convinced that I would be the most prepared ever for the first college class.

In hindsight, that last bit is actually kinda funny. Our first college class was in Dr. John Mark Reynolds’ office, with the man himself. There was really no way to see that coming. (In fact, it is nearly impossible to tell what Dr. Reynolds ever has coming, though anyone in the school can hear him approaching, as he is a fan of singing and robust salutations.) The first class was all manner of disorienting. His office is lit by several lamps, the walls are lined with bookshelves, and the overall decor is such that you either feel intimidated, or cozy. Dr. Reynolds sat across from us, the four first students, and we were joined by two other college professors. I was not cozy.

That first discussion wasn’t quite like anything I had ever undergone, even with previous experience in classical education. Discussion was resonant and powerful. It felt like being pushed into the deep end of a swimming pool. At one point, I was even on the verge of tears. The second and third discussions were not necessarily less intense, only we were better prepared and were learning how to swim. Discussions gradually became familiar, yet not easy, as the college itself became more familiar. We settled into a rhythm wherein we could come and dive into the week’s reading like swimmers, even if we were not quite fish.

One thing is certain: we truly did learn about the Iliad, or any other great work we read. Of the great books studied in the first semester, Homer’s epics and The Republic of Plato stand out in my mind both because the iconic classics that they are, and because of the discussion had over their pages. It has been the case that, after reading the assignment and delving into it in class, reality becomes more clear. It’s not suddenly seeing like Superman, but it is somewhat like finally seeing through corrective lenses, after needing them your whole life. The reality and nature of life, God, and humanity are all among the things I have learned more about while studying at Saint Constantine. Through the study of works like that of Homer and Plato, the College at Saint Constantine teaches students to be better people as a whole. Not simply better at studying, or being moral, but better at living, at thinking, and glorifying God through personal, academic, and community growth toward Him.

The College at Saint Constantine is like no other, and I thank God for having found it and begun my higher education here. I look forward to the years to come, and anticipate growth and joy as we engage with the great minds and great thoughts of those who have come before us, with those who sit beside us."

- Emma Meine, Class of 2020

"I am a student of The College at Saint Constantine, and honestly I did not think that would be something I would ever get to say. Through a series of crazy events I went from a minimum wage full time job, with tons of student loans and no degree, to a full time student with no need for any more student loans to add to my current pile of debt. And I am getting the best education this side of the pond has to offer.

The College at Saint Constantine’s education style is the Classical Education style, and the college program is based around Great Books, starting in ancient Greece and going all the way through to the Postmodern era. Some of my favorite books I have read this year have to be: The Republic of Plato, The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, and the writings of Thomas Aquinas. Although those may be my favorite texts thus far, my list is not a comprehensive one, because I have loved every book we have read and that is not an exaggeration. The texts that we get to read for this program live up to their name, and are truly great. I have always loved reading, but what has facilitated that love is that at the College at Saint Constantine we get to do more than read the text - we get to sit down in a room with peers and the best professors academia has to offer and dive into the depths of these amazing texts. And that is what takes the College at Saint Constantine to the next level, when it comes to education. You get to do more than hear a lecture and take notes, you get to actively participate in your learning and understanding of the greatest minds History has to offer. There is not really anything like it in this country. If you are looking for a place to challenge you and help you see how thought, philosophy, ethics, politics, and everything in between has been formed in our day and age, and how that will help make you a better person, then the College at Saint Constantine is the place for you."

-  Lucas Gaddam, Class of 2020