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The sheer number of choices available to students and parents today in higher education can seem dizzying. With more than 5,000 4-year and 2-year schools in the United States alone, it can be hard to make an informed decision about where to attend.

In truth however, the differences between most colleges these days are largely inconsequential. Whatever cosmetic distinctions we may see, too many colleges expound a body of ephemeral, superficial pseudo-ideas, award “grades” inflated to meaningless levels, and teach a watered-down curriculum purged almost entirely of the great texts that built Western Civilization, or the high standards that have built its leaders.

The Saint Constantine School offers something different. We offer a classical Christian education that does more than just prepare you for a job. For 2000 years classical Christian education has helped men and women lead meaningful, fulfilling, responsible lives. Rather than wallow in the fleeting postmodern idea-of-the-day, we teach and engage the enduring principles that give meaning and purpose to human flourishing.

Such an education is not meant to be easy, nor is it mere credentialing. If you are looking for an education requiring minimal effort, TSCS is not for you. If you just want to be a cog in someone else’s machine, TSCS is not for you. If you want an education focused exclusively on a certain certificate or narrow vocational goal, TSCS is not for you.

But if you want to be the kind of person who sees clearly despite the cultural fog, if you want to be responsible parent, a dependable friend, a light in your community, an invaluable asset to your employer, a leader in times of crisis, a man or woman of confidence and courage in the face of change, then pursue the kind of education that has prepared history’s most significant leaders for two millennia. Pursue a Saint Constantine education and live the life to which God has called you.

Dr. Robert Stacey



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