Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Great education should not bankrupt your financial future.

The recent trend in college tuition is continual increase of price per unit, year after year. Unfortunately, increased cost is rarely matched. with an increase in the quality of the education. Instead, as students pay upwards of $30,000 and $40,000 per year to attend university, they are stuffed into more and more crowded classes, taught too often by part time, underpaid instructors. Full time professors are allowed and even encouraged to pursue research rather than teaching. Much of the ever-increasing price tag of college goes to expensive sporting arenas and bloated salaries of administrators who never set foot in the classroom. Students borrow more and more money to attend college each year, and eventually this trend leads to a student body wracked with debt well past their graduation - if they graduate at all.

The College at Saint Constantine does things differently. We keep our
class sizes small. We have no athletics program requiring millions of
dollars of funding. All of our administrators are also professors. All
our professors are experienced educators and accomplished academics who are paid to focus on undergraduate education. And so we can keep our tuition low: $9,000 per year.

For this, students receive an excellent, individualized undergraduate
education in small and rigorous tutorials led by experts in their
field. Instead of borrowing tens of thousands of dollars per year for
a mere diploma, students at The College pay a modest tuition for a
quality undergraduate program of study in an intimate academic
community. Simply put, at The College at Saint Constantine, every tuition dollar paid by the student will be used to foster the education of that student.