Student Life

Done correctly, a undergraduate education should prepare you for a meaningful, well-lived life. While the classroom is obviously central to that purpose, what happens outside the classroom is still critically important to the educational experience. We do not leave that significant part of your education to chance. Rather, we intentionally foster genuine, tangible community among our students and faculty. The goal of student life at Saint Constantine is not a mere institutional transaction, but the development of a family-like relationship built on shared encounters, common challenges, and mutual respect.

Whether it is a night in the city to see the latest performance of the Houston Ballet or a weekend of kayaking on the Gulf of Mexico, we take multiple opportunities every semester as a community to immerse ourselves in the wide array of world-expanding experiences our area has to offer. Such excursions are not just entertainment. They are relationship-building, community-forming, events.

Cultural Events

Houston is one of only two cities in the United States that can boast its own professional symphony orchestra, ballet company, and opera house. The cultural possibilities are almost endless. Imagine an academic year that included chances to see a world-class performance of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, a stunning production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, and a professional staging of Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale. And we do not just spend the evening at the theater and then move on. These cultural outings are also “Great Texts” that get incorporated back into the classroom discussions. They become part of our community’s ongoing conversation.


Saint Constantine provides a residential housing option for interested students in a gated community adjacent to the campus. Students who wish to apply for housing should express interest during their admissions process to ensure availability. Double-occupancy rooms in the Student Houses are $6,000/year; single-occupancy rooms are $12,000/year.


The life of the mind is good and surely to be cultivated, but we should not then neglect our bodies and the physical world around us. As a generation steeped in cell phones, social media, and unlimited screen time, it might be easy for us to forget the beautiful and amazing world God has created. For that reason, at least once each semester, we put down our books, shut off our phones, and get out of the city. Whether it is a weekend of backpacking, rock climbing, paddling, or something else, our expeditions are always a time to get to know each other in a different context and perceive the Good, the True, and the Beautiful from a whole new perspective.